" The value of a business is a function of how well the financial capital and the intellectual capital are managed by the human capital.
You'd better get the human capital part right. "

Deploying the human potential

Adventus Management HR consultancy strives to unlock the vast reservoirs of human potential that lie dormant in organisations and individuals.

We address people’s capacity for growth and development, enhancing their ability to work with each other and create synergies that benefit all the stakeholders involved. We enable them to discover the most genuine and authentic ways in which to contribute to their team, represent their organization, and add value to the achievement of the strategic organizational goals.

Main Services :

Developing behavioural competencies
through training & coaching

Adventus Management develops behavioural awareness and competencies in order to tap into the dormant abilities of co-workers, supporting their individuality and valuing their unique talent for efficient and effective performance.

The training and coaching methods we use rely on personalized training and guidance, backed by tried and tested psychometric insights. Human potential can be guided, steered, developed and assessed, but the most essential ingredient is the bond of trust between the participant and the consultant, leading both towards valuable discoveries and continual deployment of one’s strengths and talents.

At Adventus Management, we create a positive and tangible difference in the way team members feel about themselves and their co-workers, with the ultimate goal of bringing added value to the organization and its stakeholders. Our approach, therefore, is scientific, holistic and human-centred.

Drawing form our extensive and versatile experience, we design and deliver specific training and development programmes – among others:

  • Essentials of management and leadership
  • Mastering the art of effective communication
  • Performance management through a variety of methods to advance employee success
  • Conflict management
  • Managing in a matrix organization
  • Developing your personal influence and impact
  • Change management
  • Effective recruitment skills
  • Train the trainer
  • Feedback fundamentals
  • POP – Positive Organizational Politics

We also hold a wide range of accreditations for psychometric instruments and other tools designed to guide and stimulate growth, awareness and performance.

Designing & facilitating tailor-made team events

At Adventus Management, we strive for the success of every team event by creating an atmosphere of genuine involvement and commitment within the team.

Our events provide opportunities for bonding through outdoor activities and moments of fun and relaxation. We do believe, however, that relaxation alone does not provide sufficient basis for team growth and development of a more practical and permanent kind. A team is a sum of all its members, in which, ideally speaking, “Together Everyone Achieves More.” It is a known fact that “learning through fun” can be a powerful way of acquiring new skills and insights, but in order for that to happen, both elements are of vital importance: learning and fun – combined to amplify and support each other.

While preparing an event, we conduct an intake interview with each candidate, gathering the information that will define the content and the scope of the team event, along with the approach to be utilized regarding each member’s communication profile and role within the team. Similarly, each team event is followed up through individual feedback and debriefing, along with a report stating concrete action points and learning outcomes.

Guiding individuals to be successful in competitions at European Institutions

Adventus Management helps and guides people in the preparation of assessments, which can be stressfull and daunting. Do you work in a European Institution as a temp and want to become an official? Are you aiming to pass an EPSO competion? Is your goal to succeed in the passserelle at the European Parliament? Would you like to work in an international governmental institution? If you aspire to any of these positions, you will have to take a variety of tests to convince the jury that you are the right candidate, who possesses the skills, behaviour and motivation to be successful.

An assessement may entail reasoning tests, an in-tray exercise, an oral presentation, a team exercise and, of course, the interview. Preparation makes it or breaks it! Please feel free to contact us to arrange a commitment-free meeting, so we can discover together how we can coach you to be ready for this arduous process.

Individual Coaching

Adventus Management consultancy defines coaching as partnering with individuals to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that honours the individual as the expert in his/her life and work.

Coaching for improvement (performance coaching) helps the individual to achieve their goals, overcome challenges and avoid potential problems. This type of coaching is result-driven and based on clearly defined processes and outcomes.

Coaching for success (transformational coaching) enables the individual to clarify their goals through self-discovery, helping them to re-examine past choices and explore new solutions and strategies to develop career paths suited to their full potential.

Coaching honours the individual as the expert in his/her life and work and embodies the belief that every individual is creative, resourceful and whole.

Helping companies to make optimal hiring decisions & retain high potentials through a motivational performance management process

The hiring process is a highly specialized area of HR expertise, featuring interviews and assessment centres. In an assessment centre a participant completes a series of job-related exercises under observation, so that skills, behavioural competencies, character traits, and motivational fit can be highlighted and assessed.

Adventus Management has delivered numerous assessment centres for various industry leaders, such as TOYOTA, GRACO and PPG. This process, however, is only the beginning of the bigger picture of retaining the human capital and maximizing its potential. As traditional performance management approaches tend to fall short of effectively driving employee performance, Adventus Management helps organizations to discover the latest developments in the field, by implementing new strategies that drive performance in an organization.

Our approach in this sense relies on three fundamental insights:
Firstly, performance reviews also need to look forward, not just backward.
Secondly, work is more connected than ever. Peer feedback should be included in performance reviews, but employees need to be assisted in providing meaningful feedback.
Thirdly, performance feedback needs to be more ongoing and timely, rather than based on a yearly review.

This means establishing a culture of feedback that is aligned with the goals of the organization and capable of supporting and enhancing performance management.


Who we are

Adventus Management is a Brussels-based HR-management consultancy that provides services across Europe and beyond. The consultancy was founded in 2006 by Katelijne Bleukx, an internationally sought-after HR consultant and training facilitator with an extensive hands-on track record in the fields of business, research and government.

Katelijne’s entrepreneurial career started in 1988, when she established a business-oriented language school, European Language Centre (today’s Lerian-NTI), which she managed until 1999. Thanks to her relentless drive and dedication, she grew ELC into a major institution, with over 100 language facilitators. Even today, in its present form, the school remains one of Brussels’ market leaders in its field. Managing a business that catered to international organizations and institutions increased her multicultural awareness and enhanced her management and marketing skills, along with her entrepreneurial insight.

Katelijne understands the needs of leaders, managers and co-workers within the context of their teams and organizations. Her approach is geared at effecting positive progress and tangible results. Her strengths lie in the areas of coaching, executive coaching, change management, team building, emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, and strategy consulting. Clients appreciate her expertise and experience, her excellent listening skills, her personal touch, and her unrelenting willingness to go the extra mile.

With over 27 years of experience as an entrepreneur and 15 years as a management consultant, Katelijne understands how people and organisations work and what they can do to improve. Helping them achieve their goals is her passion.

Accreditations as coach and assessor:

  • Accredited coach – DDI (Development Dimensions International) – 2000 – 2002
  • Accredited assessor – DDI (Development Dimensions International) – 2003
  • Accredited assessor – SHL – 2004

Accreditations for psychometric instruments:

  • MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Indicator (OPP – Oxford)
  • OPQ – Occupational Personality Questionnaire (SHL – Brussels)
  • Different assessment and development tools (SHL – Brussels)
  • MQ – Motivational Questionnaire (SHL – Brussels)
  • DISC or Personal Profile Analysis (Thomas International – Brussels)
  • PI – Political Intelligence (3D – UK)
  • Team Management Profile (TMS Development International – York)
  • Situational Leadership (ACT Partners – Belgium)
  • Non-violent Communication (Connecting2Life – Netherlands)
  • Talent Management Assessment – Human Mobility Group

Languages spoken fluently:

  • English
  • French
  • Dutch
  • German
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