Katelijne Bleukx

The following testimonials have been listed here with the permission of the corporate leaders and executives, from various organizations, who kindly and willingly contributed them; on the understanding that all contributions would be kept anonymous, as this is required in some of the organizations involved.

Nevertheless, we would like to thank them for their sincere appreciation and support.



“I have worked with Katelijne for several years now, and I really appreciate her specific talent in enhancing the skills of employees in the area of creating successful business partnerships in a global matrix organization. Katelijne has grasped very quickly the essence of our company culture and transferred this into a tailored training concept for influence management. I also appreciate her adaptability and capacity to get actively engaged with our very diverse workforce. Her trainings have always received highest scores from participants from all over Europe.”
Elisabeth Ganss
Managing Director & HR Business Partner EMEA
Dow Corning GmbH

“Katelijne is excellent in preparing for career challenges and changes.
Thanks to her preparation and advice I obtained a promotion, which was very unlikely given the overall circumstances. Even more important, she changed completely my way of considering my professional environment and the interpersonal relationships with colleagues (whether superiors or members of my team), enabled me to take advantage of opportunities to progress and prepared me to take over management tasks. Her coaching is the right mixture of professional distance and human empathy.”

International Organisation

“Les trois jours passés en stage sur le thème « Unlock Your Potential » ont atteints leurs objectifs : se poser les bonnes questions, se connaitre mieux et préparer l’avenir ! Forte d’une personnalité pétillante, curieuse et proche de chacun, Katelijne sait capter toute notre attention et nous aiguiller sur le chemin du développement de soi. Merci !”
Pascale Trichon
PPG France

“Katelijne has provided several training programmes and personal coaching sessions to our organisation. She is an extraordinary professional, who possesses two key skills that are becoming so rare: profound listening and understanding. Plus, she is a positive solution seeker. And she goes beyond, fully understanding not only the professional potential, but also the human capacity of each person.”
Delia Carro
Head of Personnel Unit in DG COMM
European Parliament

“It is very difficult to identify a person with whom one can establish a profound, sincere and solid relationship based on trust. A relationship in which you can share your analysis, even controversial, share your ideas, plans, dreams, concerns, then get a wise feedback and constructive arguments. A relationship that reveals one’s potential and induces behavioural changes for the better. A relationship which is a source of inspiration and actions that are not only reflecting on us but may have an impact at larger scale within an organisation. Such individuals are so rare. Katelijne is one.”International Organisation

“C’est un réel plaisir de travailler avec Mme Bleukx qui est une excellente professionnelle et une experte en management. Les formations qu’elle a dispensées jusqu’à présent ont eu un grand succès au sein des managers chez PPG. Elle a su démontrer en autres une grande proximité terrain, une forte capacité d’écoute, des qualités de coach et une réelle créativité dans les formations animées.”
Catherine Uhl
Training Manager
PPG France

“Ms Katelijne Bleukx is a consummate professional in her field. Her sensitive and caring approach in dealing with her clients, whether in a group or one-to-one, is outstanding and very impressive, given the diversity of both personality and nationality of the individuals involved. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her highly in both an individual and group coaching environment.”
International Organisation

“I have used Adventus’ services for career development and found their coaching and advice in this field excellent. Ms Bleukx has significant experience and a vast knowledge of employer’s expectations. She offers a wide range of exercises to improve one’s professional skills and to establish a detailed career plan with realistic goals. Ms. Bleukx’ insight into the human mind is impressive and, with the help of psychometric measures, she helps her clients to find their authentic personal profile, which should serve as the basis for any career development.”
International Organisation

“In 2010 I had a great experience by participate in 2 full days trainings design and run buy Katelijne Bleukx. It was the most professional personal development training I ever took part in. The content has been prepared in a way to meet exactly our needs and the training itself was executed brilliantly.
Katelijne is a fantastic people person and she easily build a good contacts with the audience. What is no surprised she has also a great communication and presentation skills.
As a follow up we had a face-to-face session with her to discus results of DISC self assessment. For me this was a great learning experience as well.”

Michal Grzywaczewski
Technical Manager Dow Corning