Who we are

Adventus Management Consultancy is a Brussels-based enterprise that provides services across the European continent and beyond. Adventus has a strategic alliance with the British consultancy Better Business Coaching. To find out more about Katelijne’s partners, please visit the following website www.betterbusinesscoaching.com.

About Katelijne  Bleukx

Katelijne Bleukx

After her linguistic studies in Leuven, Katelijne created and managed (from 1988 to 1999) the European Language Centre, a major business-oriented language school based in Brussels, with over 100 language facilitators. The centre specializes in flexible and tailor-made language courses for companies, financial organizations and governmental institutions in 12 different languages, and has been one of Brussels’ market leaders in its field. Its present name is Lerian-NTI.

This experience increased her multicultural awareness and enhanced
her marketing skills and entrepreneurial insight. It also shaped her day-to-day management abilities and taught her the importance of continuous improvement. Throughout her consulting career, Katelijne has drawn innumerable insights and examples from those eleven years at the helm of a fast-growing company, whose turnover in its mature phase exceeded the mark of € 2.5 million.

After 10 years of managing a language business, Katelijne decided the time was ripe for a change. At the same time, a trusted client at SWIFT had suggested she might share her business experience and expertise by getting into management consulting. Katelijne heeded the advice and engaged in intensive training for her new sector, discovering along the way that management consulting presented her with a chance to assist others in their personal development.

Katelijne’s background in a nutshell

  • Linguistic studies in Leuven (graduated in 1986);
  • Accredited coach – DDI (Development Dimensions International) – 2000 – 2002
  • Accredited assessor – DDI (Development Dimensions International) – 2003
  • Accredited assessor – SHL – 2004

Accreditation in psychometric instruments

  • MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Indicator (OPP – Oxford)
  • OPQ – Occupational Personality Questionnaire (SHL – Brussels)
  • Different assessment and development tools (SHL – Brussels)
  • MQ – Motivational Questionnaire (SHL – Brussels)
  • DISC or Personal Profile Analysis (Thomas International – Brussels)
  • PI – Political Intelligence (3D – UK)
  • Team Management Profile (TMS Development International – York)
  • Situational Leadership (ACT Partners – Belgium)
Nationality: Belgian
Languages spoken: Dutch, English, French, a basic knowledge of German and some knowledge of Croatian